We Finally Reached the Tropics!

We Finally Reached the Tropics!

Baby Humpback Whale giving us a show

Once again, apologies for the delay. We have been really busy having lots of fun. The weather is perfect every day and the water is 80 degrees so we’ve been in the water pretty much every day. There are so many places to see and so much food to eat that we’ve been stuck here for over five weeks now. We’ve crossed paths with friends we made along the way and have made many new friends.

Christmas came shortly after we arrived in La Cruz, Brad’s parents came for a visit and there was lot’s of swimming, snorkling and surfing. And of course, eating. The food has been incredible. Tacos are the staple here. Every place makes them a little differently with unique salsas and fresh lime margaritas. The tacos go for 15-25 pesos ($0.75-$1.25 USD) and the margaritas are around 60 pesos ($3.00 USD). Thus, we haven’t found a need to rush out of here…

So, instead of the commentary, we’ve decided to just get some pictures posted. We apologize but we had to disable comments due to spam.

Brad’s Parents came for a visit just after the New Year. We had a blast! We hope they did too!
Brad’s parents arrived. We found a great place on the beach. We had our own swimming pool and courtyard about 50 yards from the water.
Merry Christmas!
This guy showed up Christmas morning. Stayed for about an hour and left some gifts on our dinghy.
Another Humback calf showing off. Seeing these massive creatures never gets old.
Bus trip to Puerto Vallarta. Note the guy in the back playing the guitar. Every bus ride is a unique adventure.
We took the bus up to Sayulita. Awesome little town.
And the food… Places like this are all over. This one is at the La Cruz farmers market.
Brad’s favorite dessert. CHURROS!
Tacos al Pastor. The best!
The Bread Truck. Fresh every day.
Sonni and Jen with “Media Luna”, the new year’s eve band. They were amazing!
Bulk food store.
And the bulk dog food.
Christmas tequila. Sonni got the better deal…
Another great meal with friends on Luego.
Cheers Everyone! Thanks for looking!
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