The Golden Gate Bridge from below.

The Golden Gate Bridge from below.

Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge!


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Now for the update!

We had a great week of layover in Crescent City, CA waiting for a weather window to continue South. It was a very foggy trip from Coos Bay, Oregon but well worth it. We met Steve and Chelsea on S/V Jean Anne and Nigel on S/V Sea Goose and made the trip with them. Upon arrival we met TD, who had been fishing the California coast for over 50 years. He was incredibly nice and helped us with both his knowledge of the area and his superior forecasting equipment. We can’t quite figure out why he was so helpful to us as the fisherman in the last town wanted nothing to do with us. TD was a real character. He taught us new weather terminology such as “Buuuullshit” and “Booga Booga”. Things we learned were not pleasant to encounter at sea, things that had the potential to “tip your boat over, I’ve seen it a hundred times!” We’ve been a bit concerned about the weather near Cape Mendocino and Point Arena. This was TD’s area of expertise. I almost forgot to mention TD’s boat, “Sea Pride”, was just that. The pride of the sea. It turned 99 years old this year and was the cleanest, prettiest fishing boat I’ve ever seen. He gave us a tour, showed us pictures of it and it’s previous owners all the way back to 1919. Thanks TD.

Crescent City had quite a bit more to offer than the town of Charleston (the town next to Coos Bay where the marina is). There was a three mile long sandy beach, lots of good food and a really nice marina. We explored the town with Steve and Chelea for a few days, met up with some surfer friends and had a party on our boat. We had people from Sweden, Denmark, the UK and Peru. More international company than we’ve had in our last two houses combined!

Boy Scout Tree in Jedediah Smith National Park.  32 feet in diameter and over 300 feet tall.

Monday we headed for Jedediah Smith National Park with Steve, Chelsea, Nigel and Lyndon and Tiffany from S/V Xanadu (they have a really cool youtube channel) and hiked through the redwoods. These are the most impressive trees I’ve ever seen, and they went on as far as you could see. They averaged about eight feet in diameter and 250 feet tall. One was 32 feet in diameter and over 300 feet tall. Truly amazing. We hope to come back and visit these giants.

These things are HUGE!


So far, the biggest highlights of the trip have been the people. The surfing crowd welcomed us as family even though none of us surf or even wanted to (the water is still 57 degrees here). TD was genuinely concerned for our safety and was also full of wonderful stories. Armed with his advice and cell phone number, we headed to San Francisco.

Fast forward two days:

Brad has been drinking coffee like a trucker since 2:30 this morning while Sonni got a few hours of much needed rest.  At about 6:30 this morning and after about 46 hours at sea, we crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun was coming up.  We had pictured a nice sunny day with the big red bridge above us.  We were escorted in by dozens of dolphins and got what I learned is the standard morning view of the bridge, foggy.  We’re a bit tired but we have a great sense of accomplishment.  We just sailed to San Francisco on our boat!  Now that we’re safely tied up and the coffee has worn off, we’re headed for a shower and a nap.

Hasta Luego from Brad and Sonni.


A few stats:

Distance from Crescent City to San Fran – 290nm

Total Time – 51 hours

Avg speed – 5.88 knots (had to slow down to enter the shipping channel during daylight)

Whale sightings – 1

Hours slept – about 7 hours each

Unpaid Passengers – 1 dove (see picture below)

Barf count – Still Zero! (one close call)


We had a passenger for about 10 hours, Pip had no clue!

7 thoughts on “The Golden Gate Bridge from below.

  1. Wow! Great accomplishment!! You are now blue water sailors! Good job! We are enjoying your commentary and photos. It looks and sounds like you are having a great time….and you’re really just getting started on your adventure. Have fun and be safe.

  2. All I can say is wowza! Seven hours of sleep in 51 one hours – you guys are amazing! It is so interesting to hear of the comeraderie as you sail into the sailing community. You truly are having the adventure of a lifetime! Thank you for letting me live extraneously through your blogs. Miss you and think of you often! Met a roper guy near Deer Park who says to say hi..Allen and wife Patty.

  3. Thank you so much for letting me share your amazing trip. I actually got goose bumps when you left the San Juans. The pictures are amazing and the journaling is like reading a novel. I love it! Sonny, just to let you know my Sonny turned 9 on Sept 3rd. My little miracle guy is still going strong. Our building project is still progressing have some nightmare hiccups. We are hoping to move the week of Oct 1st.
    I wish you both safe travels

  4. What a way to turn in for the night, knowing you are safe and really enjoying yourselves.
    Thank you for updating your blog I love to share your adventures. We miss you and we are doing fine.
    Take care.

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