One Month to Departure – The “fix it” list is getting shorter!

One Month to Departure – The “fix it” list is getting shorter!

The last month has been spent getting the last of the projects done before heading out the Strait of Juan de Fuca and making the “Big Left Turn”.

We had a visit from Sonni’s parents over the 4th of July week, Brad’s parents after that and had several nice nights at anchor with Simon’s family and CRABBING SEASON STARTED!  The food has been pretty hard to live with…

Dungeness Crab Benedict!

Dinner with Sonni’s parents.

Dinner on Lummi Island with Simon, Laurie and Cora.

Paddleboarding with the dogs.  Mt. Baker at sunset.  Beautiful!

We woke up to about 30 Native American canoes passing down Hale’s Passage headed for Puyallup. Some of them have been paddling for weeks.  Over 100 tribes canoe to Puyallup each year for the “power Paddle to Puyallup.  Mt. Baker in the backgroud.


One the project side, we’ve added a solar power array, installed a Hydrovane self steering system, replaced the lifelines and added safety netting on them to keep the dogs safe. We also removed our entire marine plumbing system and added an AirHead composting toilet.  We’re three weeks in with it and so far we’d never go back to a traditional marine system.  No pumping out the holding tank, no repairing the finicky toilet and best of all, no odor.  Yes, we’re still hauling around our poo but it’s not sloshing around a tank connected by pipes that I installed.  And there’s no odor whatsoever, it’s been a huge improvement.  Let me know if you have any questions on that.  We’ve decided to procrastinate on the water maker until southern California since we can reliably get good water down the West coast and we can hold 100 gallons of fresh water which lasts us almost two weeks.  We should have plenty of time in Southern California to do the install.

We’re still shooting for the end of August or the beginning of September to shove off.  We’ll head for Neah Bay at the end of the month and wait for a weather window to go.  We’re planning to head straight for San Francisco if the weather permits.  If not, we’ll make stops as necessary to avoid bad weather.

August will be spent getting the final preparations made to be away from the Pacific Northwest for a while and continuing to explore the San Juan Islands until we head out!


6 thoughts on “One Month to Departure – The “fix it” list is getting shorter!

  1. Hey Sonni and Brad, enjoying your posts and look forward to tjem once you begin your adventure. Interest to kniw more about the composting toilet. I was thinking of putting one in our finished attic space for when guests stay over. Save the expense of cost for plumbing and rippong open walls. Would I need to vent it oit a window? Magic is doing great.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Glad to hear from you. The composting toilet is wonderful. Yes, you’d need a vent with a fan. It’s essentially a computer power supply fan that runs continually to extract moisture. The owner at Airhead composting toilets was great to work with. The up-front cost is a little more but no other plumbing. We’re very happy we got ours. Tell Magic hello from us!


  3. I’m excited for you!! Thanks for letting me know about the blog, Sonni. Give Mac and Pip some loving for me.

  4. Hi Sonni. It’s Karen Hathaway, Rio, Sonny and Cassidy. I thought I lost your blog address. I found it this morning. What a wonderful story and adventure. The pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for letting me share your adventures. What a huge project you and Brad took on. There was a lot of work getting to this point. I wish you both safe travels and look forward to hear more of your journey.

  5. Hi Karen, so good to hear from you. We’re having a blast and working on the learning curve of living on the ocean. We’re headed to Crescent City, CA then we’ll be pinned down by the weather for a few days. We’ll give a complete update when we get there.

  6. Hi Dick, the dogs say thanks! We’ve had an exciting couple of days to get to Coos Bay, OR. We’ll give a complete update in a couple days. We’ll have to wait out some weather in Crescent City.

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