Living Aboard – Lessons learned and a great weekend of sailing

Living Aboard – Lessons learned and a great weekend of sailing

We have now lived aboard for 2 weeks.  Still early and though many have done this for years, I think the first few weeks are the biggest adjustment.  We’ve gone from 3000 square feet to 300 square feet and though we though the adjustment would be easy, things on a boat just take longer.  Whether its fixing a water pipe or fixing a gin and tonic, things just take longer  Just getting ice for the gin and tonic now includes the following:

  1. open left side of fridge
  2. open right side of fridge
  3. move spinach
  4. open freezer
  5. get bucket that holds ice
  6. reverse the last five steps to put everything away.

I remember when I just had to hold my glass to a lever on the fridge.  Regardless, we’re loving it.  No living room to vacuum, no lawn to mow.  There are many adjustments.

We’ve only had a hand full of days to sail around the islands so far this year between projects but they’ve been great.  We had Justin and Emily, our friends from Spokane aboard for a long weekend and the sailing couldn’t have been better.  We got our new drifter sail out and sailed downwind for almost 3 hours without adjusting a thing.  We visited Fairhaven bay, Sucia Island and Spencer Spit.  



2 thoughts on “Living Aboard – Lessons learned and a great weekend of sailing

  1. I have so enjoyed your postings. All the adventures sound exciting and all the improvements seem to be wonderful. Anxious to hear more in the future. Take care and enjoy.

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