Costalegre, The friendly coast

Costalegre, The friendly coast

Costalegre, or “The Friendly Coast” is located between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo in the states of Jalisco and Colima. There are lots of great anchorages, most within a quick day sail of one another with uncrowded sandy beaches. While Pacific Mexico is far more populated than the Baja coast, we found the same welcoming vibe that we did up North. We’ve spent most of our days working on the boat, exploring, eating and visiting with friends. About two months are left on our travel visas so we’re working on a plan to head North and put Luego on land to prepare for hurricane season.

…and in case we hadn’t mentioned it, we like food. Especially Mexican food. Conveniently there’s lots of it here and it’s amazing.

Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Lots of crocs “cocodrilos” around here. Mac and Pip posed for us in front of a warning sign. Interestingly, this is across the street from a playground. With no fence…
We went on a tour through an estuary containing roughly 300 crocodiles.
This sign says “The bridge is for passing Not for playing”. Not everyone in our group followed the rules. And there are lots of crocs below!!!
Crocodile museum. It was Awesome!!!
This extremely secure fence separates me from a 10 foot crocodile. Note the bailing wire holding the top rail together.
We had our own guide for the tour. I asked him if anyone had ever been eaten on the tour. He quickly said “No”. A few minutes later I asked him if anyone had be bitten. He quickly said “Oh yes, of course”.
A shipwreck caused by the last hurricane in Barra de Navidad.
A real Al Pastor spit. Layers of marinated pork.
The Barra de Navidad School drum and bugle corps.
French baked goods delivered to our boat daily by the French Baker himself. The best croissants I’ve ever had.
A hiking adventure with our friends Randy and Marina near Tenacatita.
Waiting for the water taxi, we noticed a cool shadow of ourselves.
Fresh creamed corn tomales. With hot sauce and queso fresco. Hot sauce down here is on a level we’re just starting to get used to. This stuff was HOTTT!
Pale Ale in Mexico! A rare find in Mexico. Brad and Brenda each bought a case!
Shrimp Chile Relleno. Incredible!
Chicken and cheese empanadas.
Sonni has been collecting pictures of VW Bugs. Apparently there were a lot of them made in Mexico so we’ve been seeing lots of really cool customs.
The main street in Barra de Navidad. Not much happens around here until the sun goes down. The afternoon heat makes siesta more of a necessity than an option.
Tacos al Pastor! With all the fixins.
Ace Ventura of Mexico.
Brad discovered something called a stuffed potato (Papa Relleno). It’s comfort food at it’s finest. A baked potato stuffed with beef gravy. Carne asada tacos at the top of the photo.
The restaurant kitchen.
These are the anchorages we all dream of. We had this one to ourselves for a few days.
Dinner with friends.
We found this girl on our hike.
Rollo del Mar and beers after the hike. Rollo del Mar: shrimp and cheese wrapped in fish wrapped in bacon with almond sauce. Unbelievable….
Barbecue. Or barbacoa as they call it here. Beef cooked all day in a pot next to a broken tractor. Served with fresh tortillas. It’s not the same without the tractor.
Carne asada. Mmmmm.
Another custom VW bug.
Cheers everybody. Thanks for looking!

Brad, Sonni, Mac, Pip
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